Rules and Regulations


  • Respect your elders, yourself, your class mater and roommates.
  • Always keep a positive attitude
  • Be courteous and helpful to others
  • Be punctual and attend class regularly, including co-curricular activities
  • Bring all necessary equipment with your to school, including: eraser, pen or pen or pencil, exercise books and textbooks
  • Library books must only be read inside the library, unless properly checked-out
  • Always be in your school uniform during school hours
  • Pay attention during class time, no gossiping or talking allowed
  • Respect your studies, completing assignments on time
  • No teasing or bullying others
  • No disrupting behavior in class rooms, hostel on the buses
  • Always speak English
  • No littering or spitting
  • No writing on the walls or furniture or any school property
  • No profanity or abusive language or gestures
  • No possession of inappropriate materials
  • No slamming doors or windows
  • No vicious or unacceptable conduct
  • No lying, cheating or copying form others
  • No fighting of possessing dangerous weapons
  • No smoking or drug or alcohol consumption
  • No stealing or school property or other students property
  • No insubordination to teachers or staff or perfect/monitors
  • No verbal or physical threats to anyone
  • No leaving the school or hostel premises without permission form the appropriate authority
  • Walk in single files while moving in one area to another (e.g. form class room to library)
  • Hand in homework in the morning (before assembly) of the following day
  • No day scholars are allowed in the hostel at any time
  • No running on the corridors/or staircase and sliding on the staircases railings


Comply with all verbal or written instructions of the Hostel wardens, Assistants on, or those deemed hostel in-charge on all matters and regarding times for:

  • Lights on/lights out
  • Meals & snakes
  • Morning, afternoon & evening routines
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Study periods
  • Checking in/out of hostel before and after school vacations
  • Talk softly or not at all during study and rest periods
  • Participate in all activities arranged on your behalf
  • Be responsible for personal cleanliness and contribute to overall tidiness of the hostel
  • Receive permission form the warden/assistant when receiving visitors
  • No boys may go into girl’s hostel and no girls may go into boy’s hostel
  • Walk in single file when leaving hostel for school meals & snakes or other activities; and do the same when returning to hostels


  • Be ready, waiting and prepared to safely and quickly board the bus when it arrives
  • As the bus arrives, stand back from the road/path
  • Get on and off the bus only at the assigned location
  • Receive office (facility manger’s ) approval for any change of bus stop
  • Don not board or get of the bus while in motion
  • Sit down and remain in your seat throughout6 the journey
  • Do not place any part of your body out of the windows
  • Don not throw anything form the windows
  • Do not scream or yell on the bus, talk softly
  • Do not disturb or distract the driver
  • Obey all orders form the perfects, the driver or assistant which ensure a safe journey
  • Any behavior which distracts the driver and/or endangers the passengers shall result in the expulsion of the student for using the school bus.


Detention is an after school (4 to 5 pm) time period in which student sit silently and work. It is supervised by the duty teacher. The teacher who assigns detention must complete the “Detention Alignment Form” found in the staff room, providing complete details of the reason(s) for assigning detention.

For boarders, no time conflicts occur and detention may be assigned immediately and students attend detention on the same day. Students loose snake and any other extra-co-curricular activity which may have been planned.

For say scholars, teachers fill out the detention Notification Form and give it to the student. This must be signed by the parents/guardians and to the principal the following day. Parents/guardians are responsible for arranging transport for child in case of day scholar who uses school bus. In the event that a day scholar student is absent the day of the detention, he/she will attend the detention on the day of his/her return to school.